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We're based in the Highlands of Scotland and have twenty five years' experience making bespoke internet software for businesses.

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Netmedia Products

Web Design

We build fashionable, modern websites for customers of all types. Recent customers have included retailers such as a butcher, a chalet hire, a yachting manrina, a musical group, a golf club and a kilt hire shop.

Software Development

We build complex, bespoke internet software solutions for businesses. These tools run on the internet and use the latest coding methods, with the aim of solving problems using modern technology.

Education Technology

Over 2000 schools use education technology products we've built. These include the Parents Booking, which hosts tens of millions of virtual parents' evening appointments while operating as a ground zero for all parent and school bookings, such as events, clubs and trip bookings.

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Parents Booking

Our flagship product of recent years is the Parents Booking, which 2000+ schools use to book tens of millions of virtual and in-person parents' evening appointments, events, clubs and trip, online.

Parents' Booking

Improve Parental Engagement

Invite, chase and remind parents about your school's parents' evening. See and target parents who don't normally attend.

Save the School Time and Money

Using us instead of paper, schools save 100x staff hours and more than their investment, while running eco-friendly events.

Increase Attendance

Send e-mail, SMS or push invites to encourage parents to book simply and easily, using their phone or computer, in seconds.

Learn lots more at: www.parents-booking.com

Our History

Innovation and problem solving, using our knowledge of internet technologies, has been key to our success and continued progress from the very beginning.

Net Wizards

1995 - The recently formed company started development of a suite of internet tools we called Net Wizards which businesses could use to promote their own businesses online. In 2000 the Bank of Scotland bought the suite and sold it to their business customers. The innovative modules included:

  • A website building tool
  • A web shop building tool
  • A guest book tool
  • A chat tool
  • A voting booth tool

2001 - Netmedia developed possibly the first Internet based golf tee-time booking system, named Manage Golf. The booking system was an innovative approach to booking which encouraged golf clubs to utilise the internet, and paved the way for a change in how tee-time booking was made. The system was thought to be the best available for many years, even after competitiors joined the marketplace.

2005 - In response to a request for a tender from the Scottish Business Crime Centre (SBCC), Netmedia produced an online crime reporting tool used in towns and cities across the country to combat retail crime. The solution saved SBCC tens of thousands of pounds and was used for about ten years.

2009 to Present - Netmedia developed the first online booking system for parents’ evenings. This tool is now used by thousands of schools throughout Scotland and England, and in many other countries around the world. The booking system is part of the G Cloud Framework and integrated with some of the UK's most-loved education tools, such as Groupcall Messenger, RM Unify and all of the major UK school databases.

  • Save schools time and money
  • Improves parental engagement
  • Increases parental participation and attendance


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